Why should you Learn English in Malta at Unilang?

Unilang is a boutique school situated in the heart of Valletta, the centre of culture, entertainment and Activity. Ideal for students who are looking to combine language, leisure and Culture.

Here’s why we suggest English courses in Malta at Unilang:

A lot of young adults about to embark on a new career or life as a University student are faced with the obstacle of having a low level of English. Unilang’s students/clients are adults who wish to improve their professional English skills in the workplace, University students who wish to have an advantage by improving their English speaking skill before entering the work world or people who want to learn General English so as to be able to communicate better in today’s Global Community.

A benefit of learning English in Malta is that everyone speaks English. Who needs extra conversation classes when you can chat with the locals?

In addition, Unilang is proud to offer a space which is conducive to learning, a policy which makes students our priority and their needs are met in a friendly supportive environment. It is crucial for us at Unilang to, not only teach English but to facilitate learning. This means that we believe in a hands-on approach which enables students to understand and become more involved in the learning process. Thus, they are able to learn faster, more effectively and students become independent lifelong learners of English.

Apart from learning English during their time in Malta, they will also be learning a new culture and an ability to shift between the two values of the cultures they experience.

The Culture of Malta explained 

  • A mixture of societies of cultures over long centuries
  • Semitic influence
  • Influences of Catholicism on Maltese culture
  • Influences of migration

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Learn English at Unilang

From the moment our students land in Malta and are taken to the accommodation of their choice and finally in the classroom, our team is there to give them all the support they require.

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