Why Malta?

Why Malta? Why summer? This is a question which I’m sure many people ask. What does this small rocky island in the Mediterranean have which attracts over one million global visitors per year?

There are, of course, many reasons why people choose Malta as a destination for holidays and for learning English. Malta has a rich historical connection with the English language. For 164 years, Malta was under British colonial rule, during which time one of the main languages on the islands became English. Since Malta gained its independence in 1964, the strong connections with Britain and the English language have endured, and so Malta became a natural choice of location for the English language teaching industry to flourish.

Malta’s convenient location in the centre of the Mediterranean has made it possible for citizens from across the European community to come to the islands over the years for an English language experience. Of course, summer is the busiest season – people want to combine their educational journey with hot sunny days and crystal clear waters. I can strongly recommend that this is a wonderful way to learn a language – under clear blue skies with the beautiful, azure sea a mere short walk away!

Here at Unilang we understand that our students want to combine their educational journey with a foreign travel experience, so we take great care to ensure the activities which we offer and recommend, allow our students to find a healthy balance of both. So if a learning experience on a fabulous Mediterranean island, with incredible history and excellent quality of English language teaching sounds appealing to you – don’t hesitate, and book your language course at Unilang today!

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