Start Planning your English Study Plan

Here are Top 3 Steps to help you start planning your English Study Plan for 2020!

1. Start with a benchmark:

  • Before you start setting goals, you need to know what level of English you already have. You can determine this by Unilang English Level Test.
  • Test your English Level for free by following this link: Click Here. You can also ask your Unilang teacher to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Once you know what stage your English skills are at and where you need to improve, you can start your planning.

2. Set long and short term goals:

  • Decide what type of goal you would like to achieve. Think of a long term goal and break it into short term goals.
  • Goals can be something like passing an English exam or being able to communicate effectively with English-speaking colleagues.
  • You can assign the small term goals to different months of the year to make sure you stay on track.
  • Having a lot of small goals will keep you motivated to study more and give you a sense of achievement once you reach them.

3. Adjust your Goals and Plan to the future:

  • Even the best plans aren’t always perfect. If you find that your short term goals aren’t realistic, adjust them to make them more achievable.
  • There are various ways of measuring success. You may want to take regular progress tests or ask your teacher for an evaluation of your skills to identify whether you are reaching your goals.
  • Deciding how you will measure success will help you find the most effective ways of studying for yourself.

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