Learning English at Unilang

In the first week of May we welcomed a group of 15 students from Salerno, Italy here at Unilang. The group were of a pre-intermediate level of English and we spent five days focusing particularly on their grammatical skills and speaking practice skills. The students were aged between 13 and 15
years old. As you can imagine, they had a great level of energy and enthusiasm during their stay!

Topics which we covered during their week long stay ranged from describing people and places, discussions about friends and family and vocabulary related to music. The group were also able to enjoy a variety of leisure activities organised by the school, ranging from a walking tour through Mdina, the historic old capital city of Malta and a visit to The Three Cities area of the island, where they took part in an interactive treasure hunt organised by us at Unilang.

At the end of the course the students had some great feedback regarding their English language experience here in Malta – and it will certainly be an experience which they will remember for a long time to come!

Mdina, Malta

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