Learning English at Unilang

In April of 2019 we welcomed a group of 15 students from Cosenza in the south of Italy who joined us for three weeks of intensive English at the school. All of the students were of an Intermediate/Upper Intermediate level upon their arrival at Unilang, and they used this time to really improve their speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary skills.

The students were able to combine their language journey with us here at Unilang with some other exciting activities – ranging from an English vocabulary treasure hunt around Valletta, a day trip excursion to Comino and the Blue Lagoon and even a cultural English led tour of the 3 Cities area of the island. The students spent time with three different teachers over the course of their three week stay – Elsa, Danielle and Jonathan – with each teacher bringing their own special touch to the delivery of lessons.

The lessons had a particular focus on speaking and pronunciation skills, as this was something which the group particularly had to work on. Together, they found a lot of material to speak about, on a wide range of topics, with lots of error correction and new vocabulary thrown in by their teachers. All in all, this group were a credit to their school, and it was our pleasure to assist them further on their journey with the English language!