Learning English at Unilang

In the last week of May we welcomed a group of 14 students from Rome, Italy to the school. The students were all preparing for the GESE Exam by Trinity College London, and this week long course here at Unilang was an opportunity to have an intensive week of studies before their exam on the
10th of June.

The GESE Exam focusses specifically on speaking skills, and all of the students were aiming to take the exam at level 6 or above (Intermediate towards Upper Intermediate.) The lessons which we developed for them here at Unilang were designed to allow the students to practice their speaking and presentation skills. All of the students who were taking the course were university level students, and need this exam certification to progress further in their studies.

The students also enjoyed a day trip on a boat to Comino and Gozo organised by Unilang which was a fun packed day by the sea! The feedback from this group was so positive and we really look forward to working with the Landi group again at Unilang in the not too distant future!


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