How do I find the right English course for me?

Here is some advice about choosing the right system to learn English.

1. How to know English level? Check your English level with Unilang’s English Level Test. Please note: This is not an English exam and the test scores and levels are very approximate. Your score on this test cannot be used as proof of a formal language qualification. Questions get easier or harder according to how well you do. If your English is very good you will answer more difficult questions than someone whose English is not as good.

2. Is it better to do an individual or group course? There are advantages to Learn English in both types of courses – individual courses and group courses.

Doing an individual course enables you to learn English at your own pace, slowing down when necessary and speeding up when possible. A one-to-one lesson helps you to focus on your individual pronunciation problems, improves writing, helps you learn industry-related vocabulary, you can also practice interviewing, or have all of your errors analyzed and corrected.

On the other hand, doing a group course is fun from a social point of view and a class might motivate you more. A group is useful in helping you learn from others.

Most of our students are travelers that want to learn as much as possible in short time and in order to improve, first you need to believe that the environment is right for you.

3. How can I study and have fun? The most effective way to learn is to take an active role in your lessons and have fun. If you find your lessons boring and have a passive role, you will either stop learning or simply forget most of what you have just been taught. way to learn is to balance your English intake. You can learn by using a blended method of interactive lessons, plenty of speaking time, doing a mix of interesting activities and entertaining social activities with other students. By doing a mix of all these methods, you can learn English quickly and more efficiently by focusing on listening, speaking and putting into practice what you have learnt. Unilang offers students a comprehensive range of quality English Courses and a mix of social activities to make the most of your time to learn English fully and time well spent during your stay in Malta.

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