August in Malta

August is a very special month here in Malta. Summer is in full swing, with average temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius, blue skies, and crystal clear water to swim in! It is also a very busy time of year, with many tourists and students coming to enjoy everything Malta has to offer.

Malta Port

In the summer in Malta we celebrate many feasts of religious saints (locally called festi) which are always a noisy and colourful affair! At the local festa you will find lots of traditional band music being played, traditional Maltese foods on sale and colourful fireworks which light up the night sky. The largest feast in the month of August is the feast of Santa Maria on the 15th of August.


This particular holiday recognises a Second World War event where a fleet of ships delivered much needed supplies to the Maltese islands, saving the inhabitants of the islands from almost certain starvation.

Certain places around Malta and Gozo hold their local festa on this same date, and the islands truly come alive in a spirit of celebration. If you come to Malta in August, you can certainly expect a lot of sunshine, sounds and smells. Be sure to visit one of our many fantastic beaches, such as Golden Bay, Riviera Beach or the Blue Lagoon, and to enjoy the very best of what summer has on offer!

Malta Blue Lagoon

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