4 New Year’s Resolutions for English Language Learners

What can you do to make sure your language learning becomes a success this upcoming year 2020? Here are 4 easy tips to help you stay motivated and to help you start planning your English Study Plan for 2020!

1. Learn a language with a Friend or Friends

  • Have a friend who posts online in English? Scan the items your friend shares on their news feed and commit to exploring one or two each day. They might be news or magazine articles, videos, talks, blog posts, songs, or anything else that is communicated in the English language.
  • You can open discussions on forum, where you can find people to practice English with on Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook and Google+
  • Join English Language Learning Groups on Facebook.

2. Actively take note of new vocabulary

  • Get into the habit of carrying around a notebook or using an online tool or mobile app. Whenever you hear or read a new word or expression, write it down in context: that is, in a sentence and with its meaning noted. This saves you time as you won’t return to that word and ask yourself: “What did that word/expression mean again?”
  • Time and time again, we hear that learning new vocabulary is one of the biggest struggles when learning a new language. Therefore, an important first step to take is to find out what kind of learner you are. Do you respond best to images, sounds, explanations or movements?

3. Speak to someone new:

  • Learning a language involves getting out of your comfort zone.
  • As you learn English, you’ll soon collect a mountain of questions. Don’t sit on your doubts – be curious and resolve them! If you’re enrolled in a course, ask your teacher. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions.
  • Tell people about your goals. Having to share regular updates about your English learning progress will be a great m.otivational tool and the kick in the behind we sometimes need

4. Go abroad

  • There is no better way to learn English than being immersed in it while living and studying in an English-speaking country such as Malta.
  • Learning a language abroad might be the perfect plan for the new year. Learning new words while exploring new places and figuring out grammar at a language school in the meantime is just way more fun while traveling the world and filling your passport with new stamps!

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