3 Top Ways to Learn Professional English

If you are learning English with the purpose of  advancing your career, you are probably taking professional English courses, classes or training programs. These courses will help you focus on learning the English language in general but getting additional professional help is an important step towards improving your English by learning language specific to the work setting.
There are a number of things you can do in your daily life to make professional English a part of your routine.

1. Focus on a Profession

  • Professional English classes and courses usually cover only the basic ideas, topics and vocabulary that you will need to know in any business setting. They try to teach more general language that is useful for all the students taking the class.
  • Determine which career path you wish to follow and ask people (and experts) who are already “in the field” for advice. You are definitely going to need some specialized vocabulary depending on where you work.

2. Listen to the radio or English Podcasts

  • There are many news and talk shows on the radio, online and even Spotify! which you can listen to on the way to work or school or while you are doing other things around the house. Listening to news or industry talk shows can expose you to professional English, as well as to opinions and ideas about things that are happening in the business world.
  • Check out these Podcasts to Learn English on Spotify:

3. English Conversations and Internships

  • Nothing beats real conversations and meeting people in person!
  • Talk to people who work in the business you are interested in, visit meetings or special events open to the public, and just get yourself out there! By attending more business specific meetings and events, you will be networking.
  • Networking is meeting people who might be able to help you in your career one day in the future too.
  • Since, Unilang is a subsidiary of The General Workers’ Union Malta, it provides students with 3 Month internship, Internships provide students the opportunity to gain deeper practical understanding of the business world and further improve their language skills.

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