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Why Choose Us?

We offer Students, three Unique Additional Benefits that other language schools may not offer: Our Unique Location in the Heart of Valletta, Student Work Placement/Internship and Accommodation

How Can we Help You?

Do you have any comments or questions about Enrolment or English Courses? Feel free to leave your Feedback, Suggestions or any questions you may have by using our Contact Form

How do I know which course level to join?

Try our English Level Quiz to determine your English level


Our Philosophy

Unilang is proud to offer a space which is conducive to learning, a policy which makes students our priority and their needs are met in a friendly supportive environment.

It is crucial for us at Unilang to, not only teach English but to facilitate learning. This means that we believe in a hands-on approach which enables students to understand and become more involved in the learning process. Thus, they are able to learn faster, more effectively and students become independent lifelong learners of English

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Our School is an independent day school set in beautiful grounds at
Sommerson Bay, some three miles south of the City of California.
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Student Activities
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