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Unilang offers a comprehensive range of quality English language courses for young adults, adults and professionals…

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Unilang International School of Languages, a subsidiary of The General Workers’ Union Malta, is a boutique school situated in the heart of Valletta. Unilang is a registered ELT school in Malta and our students/clients are adults who wish to improve their professional English skills in the workplace, University students who wish to have an advantage by improving their English speaking skill before entering the work world or people who want to learn General English so as to be able to communicate better in today’s Global Community.

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  • All day
  • Explora at Bighi, Malta

Explora is Malta’s Interactive Science Centre which is located at Bighi.

  • All day
  • Comino, Malta
A day at Comino

Comino is a small island of the Maltese archipelago between the islands of Malta…

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Our dynamic team and professional teachers all value our balanced international student mix and strive to provide our clients with best value for money. Unilang is proud to offer a space which is conducive to learning, a policy which makes students our priority and their needs are met in a friendly supportive environment.
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Our classes are equipped with the latest technology and teaching facilities and we follow a Curriculum and Grading System using the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment. Additionally, Unilang is a subsidiary of The General Workers’ Union. This means that we can offer students 3 months internship. Internships provide students the opportunity to gain deeper practical understanding of the business world and further improve their language skills.
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Facilities & Location
Unilang is situated in the heart of Valletta. Students can benefit from staying at the historical city Valletta, which is filled with grand palaces, museums, inspiring architecture and heritage sites. But it’s also a social hub sporting a shopping mall, professional offices, tasteful restaurants and chic coffee shops. It’s a nightlife spot and all amenities are within easy reach. Also when travelling students can travel all over the island directly from the Valletta bus terminal.

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